Mrs. Thomas
Name Mrs. Thomas
Age 58
Gender Female
Country Wales, UK
Occupation unknown
Season 2, 3
Played By N/A

Daffyd Thomas's mother was introduced in series two and 3.

History Edit

When Daffyd revealed that he was gay, she asked if he had any "arse-action" and kept wanting to arrange gay people to meet him, such as a miner who "prefers it up the chuff" or "Gay Aled".

In a sketch of Season 3, she suggested that Daffyd get himself a job, but he refused, believing that they don't employ the gays. When she called him a poof he believed her to be a "homophobe" and threatened to report her to ChildLine for "wanting men's todgers in my bum-bum!"

In Little Britain Abroad, we learn that Mrs. Thomas has been "lezzing it up" with Myfanwy's Aunt Ruth for years, since she was "mad for muth".