Daffyd Thomas
Name Daffyd Thomas
Age 25
Gender Male
Country Llandewi Breffi, Wales (Mykonos in Abroad and USA in Little Britain USA)
Occupation Unemployed Out Gay Man
Father Da
Mother Ma
Sibling Dewi
Sexuality Homosexual
Birthplace Llandewi Breffi
First appearance Pilot Episode
Season 1, 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas
Conflicts with Farmer Hughes, Rhiannon

Daffyd Thomas is a major character, who appeared in every season of Little Britain. He was portrayed by Matt Lucas.

Daffyd's most notable characteristic is that he claims to be the only gay in his village (Llandewi Breffi, Wales) despite meeting many homosexual people there. When he does meet a homosexual he acts very homophobic towards that person which in turn annoys his friend / barmaid, Myfanwy, as it is later revealed that she is a lesbian. He is also partial to Bacardi and Coke.

His age is said to be 25 (in Season 1) but a quote from him suggests he is reaching 40. ("I've known I was gay since I was 22!")


Homosexuallity seems to run in the Thomas family, with many family members being homosexual including:

  • Daffyd's mother - who according to Myfanwy has had 'fanny fun' with Myfanwy's Aunt Ruth.
  • Daffyd's father
  • Daffyd's uncles- he claims that two of his uncles live in San Francisco
  • Daffyd's cousin
  • Daffyd's aunt
  • Daffyd's brother - Dewi, Daffyd's brother, is gay and has Spanish boyfriend called Pedro.
  • Daffyd was also seen entering the local pub with a lost Spanish girl who Daffyd describes as his girlfriend. It is also apparently clear that she does not speak a word of English or Welsh as she looked very bored during an episode of Pobol y Cwm as Daffyd mentions.


Although he claims to be homosexual himself, Daffyd is actually very homophobic, and he also gets cross when people are not homophobic toward him. Generally whenever an opportunity presents itself he will treat people as if they had made a harsh comment about him simply because of his sexuality.

Notable examples include: -

  • At Myfanwy's civil partnership with another woman, Daffyd expressed his disgust about their plans to adopt, which highly annoyed her.
  • In the same episode, Daffyd met an attractive lesbian and said she was far too good looking to be a lesbian stating that he thought lesbians were "just the ones who couldn't get boyfriends". This also annoyed Myfanwy and her partner, who promptly declared "Oh piss off you stupid little poof". He then remarked on her homophobia saying he would not tolerate it, only to turn round as he left and say "Dirty fat lezzers"
  • When he discovered that many of the people at 'The Scarecrow and Mrs King' were homosexual or bisexual he left the pub, stating his intentions to leave the village saying how disgusting he thought they were.
  • When Myfanwy organised a 'Gay Night' for Daffyd in the pub, gay men started pouring in to the pub, only for Daffyd to chase them out with a barstool shouting "Get back, you gay bastards!" Likewise in earlier episodes he tricked a group of gay Star Trek fans into leaving the pub by pretending that Myfanwy had ordered them to leave.
  • He calls a church boy a "queer basher" when he says hello to Daffyd after a 'Hamlet' audition. In fact in most of the episodes that followed this one Daffyd would act as if people he passed/met in the street had made harsh comments about him, whilst in fact the people were shown to be open and friendly towards him.
  • Perhaps the most poignant example of this was when his mother returned home from a shopping venture in the third series of series. Striking up a conversation with him, she tried to persuade her son that it was time for him to become independent (get a job and his own place), but Daffyd acted as though they lived in an age where homosexuals were not tolerated, stating he would be unable to do this owning to his sexuality. His refusal to accept that people don't act like that anymore pissed off his mother, and when Daffyd refused to help her with the shopping she called him a "Big poof!" Daffyd then in turn called her a homophobe, and went so far as to threaten to report her to child line, for rejecting him due to his sexuality.

The Only Gay in the Village / on CampusEdit

Daffyd persistently claims to be "The Only Gay in the Village", and later "The Only Gay on Campus" and "The Only Gay on the Greek island of Mykonos" which is blatantly not true, and becomes even less so with each passing episode. Over the course of the show he meets many gay people in and out of the village (in no small part due to most of them being bisexual or gay) but doesn't realise - or even comprehend - that any of them are gay.


With some people, he doesn't even realise that they are gay at all.

  • Daffyd's brother (Dewi) told Daffy that he was planning on coming out to his mother and father. After Daffyd had displayed his confusion, Dewi shed light on the fact that he too was homosexual, and in a relationship with Pedro. Daffyd seems quite annoyed at the fact, claiming there can only be one gay man in the family. After he leaves, Myfanwy scolds him for saying such things to Dewi and his boyfriend, Pedro, at which Daffyd again shows complete surprise.
  • In Daffyd's gay quiz, he tested a homosexual man, asking him what he thought to be questions only a gay man could answer. The first was who played Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, which both the man and Maffanwy got right. Daffyd then asked whiich character from a television programme was gay. After everyone in the pub answered in unison, Daffyd explained how he thought it was a different character (who wasn't gay)


With other homosexuals in the village, he denies their being gay.

  • Daffyd's hairdresser claimed he was gay but Daffyd said it was "Too early to tell".
  • When a gay man moved into the village Daffyd claimed that he was the gay and that the new guy was "probably just a bit poofy".
  • When Dewi told Daffyd he was homosexual, Dafydd asked Dewi if he might be bisexual - Dewi and Pedro strongly denied this. Daffyd also didn't realise that Pedro was gay either until Myfanwy pointed it all out to him.

Not everything he preaches? Edit

When looked at in context, Daffyd's homophobia, inability to recognise gay people and general denial might be an indication that he isn't actually gay at all. It is therefore possible that his homosexual claims, stem from a persistent bordering on narcistic need for attention and a desire to be treated/regarded as special.

Leaving Llandewi BreffiEdit


On the last episode of season 3 Daffyd Thomas decides to leave Llandewi Breffi because of his perceived homophobia. Myfanwy took him to a train station to catch a train to London after him sarcastically congratulating the pub for forcing him to leave the village because of his homosexuality. When Myfanwy tells him that in London he could no longer be the only gay in the village, he pretends to have missed his train (even though another one would leave in 5 minutes), so he returns to the pub and asks for a Bacardi and Coke.


  • "I'm the only gay in the village."
  • "I'll have another Bacardi and Coke please, Myfanwy."
  • "Oh it's so hard being the only gay in the village!"
  • "Oh Myfanwy, there just aren't any other gays round here!"