Letty Bell is a fictional character in Little Britain, who first appears in Series 3. She lives in a town called Slut. It is said, that Letty Bell loves frogs, but she dosen't like real frogs. When she is given a real frog for her birthday she freaks out and instantly kills it, revealing a flattened frog. In Little Britain: The Video Game, there is a mini game where you kill the frog without breaking any of Letty's belongings. In a deleted scene, she takes tea with her friend Bella. In the garden, she chases some frogs, throwing a rock at one, and biting the other ones head off. She also rented out her house to students.


Letty has light grey hair, red lipstick and wears glasses. She wears a waistcoat with a frog patch on it. She is always friendly, but when near frogs, she freaks out and gets violent.

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